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Earn rewards for everyday vehicle expenses with WrightRewards™.

The Card

About the Wright Express® Universal Fleet Card

The Wright Express Universal Fleet Card is a charge card that allows you to easily manage your company's vehicle-related purchases, saving you time and money.

  • Reduce vehicle operating expenses by up to 15%.
  • Receive discounts on maintenance.
  • Earn rewards points for every transaction.
  • Use WEXOnline® reporting and management tools.
  • Set card spending limits.
  • Access employee background screening services and reports at discounted costs.

Use the card across the United States and Canada

The Wright Express Universal Fleet Card is accepted at more than 90% of retail fueling locations in the United States and 2,100 fuel sites in Canada. The card also has nationwide acceptance at more than 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations.

Decide how to spend your company dollars

You can help reduce unauthorized purchases by giving your drivers the exact level of purchasing power they need. Set purchasing restrictions on a range of product types, such as fuel and automotive services, and the dollar limit allowed per transaction.

If a transaction exceeds any of your pre-set spending limits, our system is designed to decline the transaction, subject to the limitations described in the Important Information section of our online Profile Manager.

Contact us online, apply now, or call us at 1-800-395-0812 and take control of your company spending.

Manage Expenses with Easy-to-Read Reports

With comprehensive, easy-to-read reporting, you'll know exactly where your company dollars are being spent. Employee purchases are organized by card number and show you at-a-glance the type of purchases made, the retail locations where those purchases were made, card subtotals, and the odometer reading of each vehicle at the time of fill-up. Check out this sample report PDF File.

Protect your company

WEXOnline users have the opportunity to sign up for ScreenNow®, an online employment solution created by ChoicePoint®. Designed especially to help businesses with all their employment screening needs, WEXOnline allows employers to conveniently and reliably order and view reports online.

Reap the rewards

Every purchase you make with your Wright Express Universal Fleet Card earns you valuable points you can use in the WrightRewards program.

Redeem your points for brand-name rewards at top retailers, popular restaurant chains, and theme park destinations and for travel options including a cross-country airline ticket.

Enroll in the program for only $45 per year and start reaping the rewards. Learn more.

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